3 Healthcare Projects That Will Make the World a Little Better


We work with great clients to build amazing software.

This statement sounds like it’s mostly about building, but it’s actually about finding great clients first, and what gets built second.  Fantastic clients bring fantastic ideas and make everything good. They’re what make “work” disappear, replaced instead by enjoyable projects and people that happen to be grouped under the name “NuRelm.”

Here are teasers about 3 projects that our Healthcare Innovation practice is involved with right this second:

  • Helping home healthcare agencies live up to their potential. Medicare is the driving force behind home healthcare agencies (HHAs). Medicare’s payment system is followed by most other insurers, and Medicare just turned the industry on its head.  Medicare’s new Home Health Compare tool rates HHAs, makes those ratings public, will soon be tied to payments, and is already being used by some private insurance groups to cut low-performing HHAs out of the system.  If you think some enterprising veterans of the industry might be out there figuring out how to help HHAs compete, you’re correct, and we’re helping one industrious group of them do just that.
  • Giving young adults the tools they need to be healthy. Young adults transitioning from the care of their guardians to their own care are notoriously bad at seeking healthcare when they need it. Each year, over 50,000 young adults show up at emergency departments, which are ill-equipped to identify and deal with the risks and issues of that demographic.  Those young adults rarely follow up with the medical care they need.  We are working with university researchers and clinicians to remove barriers for young adults to receive primary care, using empirically-driven current research on young adult brain development, social networks, and behavior change theory.
  • Providing researchers and clinicians intel they need to fight cancer.  Effectively dealing with cancer has been an elusive goal, and clinicians and researchers need every piece of information they can get to achieve it. When a team of university researchers asked NuRelm to help develop a product that identifies cancerous tumor drivers based on genetic data, we jumped at the opportunity.

I’m looking forward to posting more about each of these projects soon, stay tuned!

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