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header-rustbelt-refresh-recap-07 Rustbelt Refresh Recap (Part 7) – Stephanie Hay

Stephanie Hay – Content-First Design Before Stephanie dug deep into the specifics of content-first design, she introduced her discussion with a mention for her love … Read More »

header-rustbelt-refresh-recap-06 Rustbelt Refresh Recap (Part 6) – Katie Kovalcin

Katie Kovalcin – The Path to Performance How do you get your entire team excited by the importance of performance for a new project for … Read More »

header-front-end-soup Front-end Soup: React, Polymer, Riot, Ember, Angular, Aurelia

Developing for the web is awesome for the same reason that it can be tiring: New ideas, frameworks, technologies, and approaches that you should know … Read More »

header-website-information-architecture Website Information Architecture: Processes and Trends

Information Architecture: A Background Website Information Architecture (IA) – the logical grouping and provision of intuitive navigation to information– is foundational to the quality of visitor … Read More »

rustbelt-refresh-recap-05 Rustbelt Refresh Recap (Part 5) – Ben Callahan

Ben Callahan – Letting Go of Workflow Baggage To kick off this presentation, Ben Callahan made the comparison of “project drag” being similar to the … Read More »

header-qb-02 QuickBooks API Integration 2: The Horrors of OAuth

In the first article in this series on using the QB API, we came up with a basic plan, and made the implementation of it … Read More »

rustbelt-refresh-recap-04 Rustbelt Refresh Recap (Part 4) – Beth Dean

Beth Dean – Emotional Intelligence in Design In regards to a term Beth Dean utilized during her panel, called “emotional intelligence”, she gave a great … Read More »

header-twitterdrinx TwitterDrinx: A Game

As a sponsor for a Startup Drinks Pittsburgh event, NuRelm was asked to provide some content for the event. On the day before Thanksgiving, a … Read More »

rustbelt-refresh-recap-03 Rustbelt Refresh Recap (Part 3) – Wren Lanier

“Designing on the Z-Axis” by Wren Lanier With the emphasis of considering herself to be a “Product Designer”, Wren begins her discussion with a quote from … Read More »

header-root Root: A Hearty Stew of Harvest, Quickbooks and Asana

Here at NuRelm, we love Harvest, Quickbooks Online, and Asana. We love to learn by doing, which often translates into working on internal “play” projects. … Read More »

rustbelt-refresh-recap-02 Rustbelt Refresh Recap (Part 2) – Derek Featherstone

“Extreme Design” by Derek Featherstone This presentation began with a simple test: imagine yourself with a straw, and the only way you are able to … Read More »

rustbelt-refresh-recap-01-edit Rustbelt Refresh Recap (Part 1) – Introduction

On a cold, dewy, Friday September 25th morning at 5:30 A.M., the NuRelm front-end development squad loaded up on granola bar snacks and a gallon of … Read More »