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NuRelm & PrestaShop NuRelm Partners With PrestaShop at the 2016 Internet Retailer’s Conference

NuRelm is excited to announce that we have been selected to present our new product, FlowLink, and our open source integration services alongside our partner … Read More »

header-emcare eMCARE – Better Health for Young Adults

How healthy are young adults aged 18 to 26?  The surprising and sad truth is that young adults have unusually poor health outcomes, with a worse … Read More »

header-prestashop-avatax Deloitte Uses ARxChange Technology to Help Health Providers Improve Revenues

Deloitte has announced a strategic alliance agreement to use ARxChange, a project that NuRelm had the pleasure of working on with TriCap Technology Group LLC. … Read More »

header-prestashop-avatax-update Users of PrestaShop/Avatax: Seamless US Sales Tax Automation is Here!

AvaTax, Avalara’s popular online sales tax automation tool, now works seamlessly for North American based users of PrestaShop. This was no small feat, as European … Read More »

header-change-the-world 3 Healthcare Projects That Will Make the World a Little Better

We work with great clients to build amazing software. This statement sounds like it’s mostly about building, but it’s actually about finding great clients first, and … Read More »

header-credit-card-lost-revenues-03 Credit Card Processing Vendors Can Cost Thousands in Lost Revenues (Part 3)

There are 3 types of pricing schemes that you should know about when shopping for a credit card processing vendor: Flat Rate – The credit … Read More »

header-rustbelt-refresh-recap-08 Rustbelt Refresh Recap (Conclusion) – Eric Meyer

Eric Meyer – Compassionate Design With an emotional and compelling presentation regarding the nature of designing a new feature, all while considering how an audience can … Read More »

header-make-wordpress-content-editing-excellent Make WordPress Content Editing Excellent

We’re always on the lookout to make content editing easier for clients. One of the most commonly asked questions while training clients is, “How do … Read More »

header-web-based-vs-desktop Web-Based vs “Desktop” Software

Here at NuRelm, we build, integrate, celebrate, research, and, sometimes, gently caress web-based software.  Every once in a while, we build a piece of “desktop” … Read More »

header-credit-card-lost-revenues-02-update Credit Card Processing Vendors Can Cost Thousands in Lost Revenues (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series I discussed how we were ripped off  by our former credit card processing vendor   – to the tune … Read More »

header-rustbelt-refresh-recap-07 Rustbelt Refresh Recap (Part 7) – Stephanie Hay

Stephanie Hay – Content-First Design Before Stephanie dug deep into the specifics of content-first design, she introduced her discussion with a mention for her love … Read More »

header-rustbelt-refresh-recap-06 Rustbelt Refresh Recap (Part 6) – Katie Kovalcin

Katie Kovalcin – The Path to Performance How do you get your entire team excited by the importance of performance for a new project for … Read More »