Root: A Hearty Stew of Harvest, Quickbooks and Asana


Here at NuRelm, we love Harvest, Quickbooks Online, and Asana. We love to learn by doing, which often translates into working on internal “play” projects. We love figuring out better ways to do our job. We hate our weekly production meetings.

Our weekly production meetings center around a Google Sheet that looks something like this:

Sample project spreadsheet, with real names removed to protect the innocent.
Sample project spreadsheet, with real names removed to protect the innocent.

That spreadsheet is produced by placing our COO in a soundproof room with an internet connection and a bottle of rum for 2 hours. There, she weaves an artful tapestry of obscenities while pouring over hourly records, invoices, payments, and project tasks.

All of this somehow results in a pretty good approximation of where we are with each project, around which we coordinate the week’s efforts.  Yet, this snapshot of projects doesn’t include everything. How nice it would be to look at a project’s statement of work, progress invoices, or completed tasks at the click of a button!

But why just quietly pine away for this functionality?  All of the tools we use have great APIs, right?  And, we routinely work with clients to integrate various tools across their business using APIs, right?  The answer to both these questions is YES, and the result is a development project which includes our frontend developers, backend developers,  and operations teams to build a central project hub that pulls our most essential project information into one place where we can look at a summary, or quickly drill down to the details.

The project’s not-so-secret codename is Root, and we want to share our progress with you as we build it. Stay tuned these coming weeks for wireframes, thoughts on system architecture, and screenshots.

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