NuRelm CEO Speaking at Big Data Conference in Pittsburgh!

NuRelm @ I Love It When You Call Me Big Data

We are excited to announce that Sami Shaaban, NuRelm’s co-founder and CEO, has been selected to speak at the “I Love It When You Call Me Big Data” conference here in Pittsburgh, PA on Tuesday, January 24th at 3 PM.

The title of Sam’s presentation is “Mining a Mountain of Cancer Data for the Gem of Truth That Can Save a Life: A Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance Story”.

Sam will discuss how NuRelm worked with Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance researchers at the University of Pittsburgh to mine cancer gene data for previously unknown personalized treatment options. He will describe using the Google Cloud Platform to build a commercial pipeline to run their algorithm at scale, and the process of distilling it all down to output that matters.

Update to recent post: if you missed it see tech talk below.



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