MATCH Research Study Mobile Application


NuRelm is wrapping up work with a team of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh on a mobile app that will test alcohol-related biases in 1,400 study participants over the course of 14 weeks.

MATCH Screens
The apps is built for both iOS (left) and Android (right), and the platform includes a system to track participant incentives as well as test data.

The study is called the MATCH Trial, which stands for Mechanisms for Alcohol Treatment Change, and is part of a National Institutes of Health grant to learn more about the mechanisms behind the success of previous work done by the same researchers to reduce hazardous drinking among young adults.

The project requires investigators to conduct assessments of alcohol-related biases multiple times per week over 14 weeks with a large group (1,400 study participants).  These assessments need to be in the form of carefully designed reaction time tasks which implement alcohol stroop and alcohol implicit association task tests.

MATCH Admin Screen
The MATCH platform includes a web application where researchers can manage participants and their data.

Given the size of the participant group, the most efficient and feasible delivery approach was determined to be through a mobile application. After contacting international experts in the field (many of whom developed these tasks), the researchers found that no mobile app platform was available that could deploy these tasks. Based on previous positive experiences doing similar work together, the research team invited NuRelm to help build such a platform.

We worked with the investigators to design, develop, and test not only apps for iOS and Android devices, but an entire platform that includes a secure, scalable web application for the study, managing participants and data. We are excited to see the platform in action, and honored to be able to help a great team that is taking on important work.

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