Make WordPress Content Editing Excellent


We’re always on the lookout to make content editing easier for clients. One of the most commonly asked questions while training clients is, “How do I add columns on the page?”, and if you don’t act quickly enough, you will find a client’s website full of HTML tables used to display columns.

If your answer is to use a table or a shortcode that comes with a premium theme or plugin like this, ouch:

[column lg="6" md="6"]Column 1 Content[/efscolumn] [column lg="6" md="6"]Column 2 Content[/efscolumn]

It looks confusing, and really is messy even to those who might be more tech savvy. In a previous post, we utilized Advanced Custom Fields and the Flexible Content Field to do just that, but in a more visually pleasing way than a shortcode, and it worked out awesome. We took it a step further and allowed the Airport Corridor Transportation Association to reorder the content blocks / cards on their home page. It’s a simple solution, yet difficult to mess up.

Recently, we discovered Beaver Builder which reminds me of features that I like in the Concrete5 CMS – a little more accuracy with “What You See Is What You Get”, dragging and dropping, and being able to select the type of content that belongs in a region. Beaver Builder takes it a step further and allows typical content editors to be even more dangerous. If the demand is there, we may give it a shot. What’s your solution for allowing your clients to be content wizards?

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