Introducing FlowLink


NuRelm is proud to announce the launch of FlowLink, the e-commerce integration platform that makes online store managers happy.

Anyone with an online store dreams of increasing sales, but anyone who has seen their sales go up knows that they come at a price. Online store operations managers don’t mind entering orders into the accounting system, sending them to the shipping provider, updating tracking numbers, adding clients to the CRM, and everything else … until an incredible ad campaign or great bit of PR takes their store from 10 orders in a day to 1,000.

FlowLink IntegrationsFlowLink automates the required tasks after every sale, and connects most popular e-commerce software, such as Shopify Magento,  PrestaShop (and many others), to a long list of tools, including, MailChimp, QuickBooks, NetSuite, Xero, eBay, Zendesk, ShipStation, Aftership, HubSpot … and many more. All of these integrations are open source, available for anyone to update or even build from scratch.

Define a FlowThis is the first release of FlowLink, written from the ground up to utilize the latest technologies, and running on a self-healing, auto-scaling network on the Google Cloud Platform. However, NuRelm has years of experience developing and deploying the list of integrations mentioned above.

“NuRelm has been an indispensable firm for managing complex integration scenarios between the various applications that support our e-commerce store.” – Anthony D’Addeo (CEO, Personal Wine)



  1. Good Day

    I would just like to a few questions about your Quickbooks integration. I’ve looked at a lot of other solutions but none of them have the features we will need.

    Will your integration between SalesForce and Quickbooks allow our salespersons to see when a payment has been received through QuickBooks for a sales order?

    In our industry it is common that a sales order has to be split. With your software is it possible to do this after a sales person has created a sales order in Quickbooks?


  2. In reply to Charl,

    The current version of our Quickbooks integration does not pull payment information. However, making that happen would be fairly easy. Here are a couple of options:

    First, the integration is open source ( and uses the Quickbooks API, so it could easily be updated to accommodate this need.

    Second, NuRelm (FlowLink’s developer) is a services company, and often helps clients with needs such as this. We would be happy to talk, and since your request covers a need that a lot of other folks might have, it’s possible that we could make that update for you at either 1) a low, or 2) no cost.

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