Integrate Shopify, eBay, SugarCRM, MailChimp, and QuickBooks with FlowLink

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Your online store is facing the same scenario that every store faces at some point in its path to success. Orders and Customers are coming in faster than ever before, and it’s getting harder and harder to move that information to your accounting system, customer relationship management system (CRM), marketing system, and [insert your favorite online business tool here]. This post will take you through a common example of how FlowLink can help your business navigate the murky waters of system integrations.

Shopify, eBay, SugarCRM, MailChimp, and QuickBooks

Let’s look at one example that we help FlowLink clients with routinely:
Order, customer, and product information live in Shopify and eBay, and you want to move them to QuickBooks, SugarCRM, and Mailchimp. This list of stores could be longer or shorter, and so could the list of destinations (many of our clients use Magento, NetSuite, or Salesforce, and a long list of shipping solutions), and often information needs to flow both ways.

Normally, setting this up would start with an attempt to piece together add-ons / extensions for each store and frequently end up with you throwing your hands in the air out of frustration.
FlowLink makes it easy! It can help you:

  • Setup connections for all of the tools above,
  • Create Flows on your Shopify and eBay connections to receive orders, customers, and products every 60 minutes,
  • Create Flows on your QuickBooks, Mailchimp, and SugarCRM connections to send them Orders, Customers, and Products

It will take a few minutes to setup the connections (each connection requires your login information in order to connect it to your account), and a few clicks each to setup the Flows themselves.
Here’s what the results look like.

New Products

Here’s a product that we’ve added to our demo eBay account:




FlowLink will look for new products on either store every hour, and let us know when new items are received in the notifications screen:




Notice that when this Product was received 23 hours ago, that the send Flows were triggered. Here’s what that product looks like in QuickBooks once FlowLink sent it:




New Orders

The real fun is in importing orders. When an order is placed in Shopify or eBay, FlowLink grabs it, and immediately sends it to QuickBooks, SugarCRM, and Mailchimp (yes, Mailchimp accepts orders, not just email list members, as part of its e-commerce functionality). For example, if we create this order in Shopify:




We’ll see FlowLink receive it and immediately send it to the Flows we set up:




Within seconds, the order appears in QuickBooks as a sales receipt:




And it appears in SugarCRM as a closed opportunity with corresponding line items:




And, finally, the user appears on a list (the one we selected when setting the connection up), along with the corresponding order information:




Next Steps

In return for a minimal investment in setup time and a low monthly fee, you could be avoiding hours of tedious data entry a day. Give the FlowLink team a call if you are an existing customer who is interested in setting up Flows like these, or if you are new to FlowLink.

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