Watson Life Resources


Watson Life Resources

Our long-time client, the Watson Intitute, has nearly 100 years of experience in caring for those in need, and has become a leader in educating children with special needs. Watson Life Resources grew out of a desire to share that expertise, and is an online, strategy-based resource for families and educators of individuals with disabilities.

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"NuRelm participated as a partner in the initial brainstorming and strategy sessions that led to the creation of Watson Life Resources, through to the development and delivery of the website.

The result is a resource providing a wealth of information to families and educators in the form of individual situational strategies for specific behaviors. These strategies are organized by broad themes, tags, and free-form searches. Users can ""Ask a Question"" which will be answered promptly by one of Watson's experienced counsellors / teachers, and individual strategies can be rated and provide a forum for discussion among users."


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