The Watson Institute


The Watson Institute

In it's century of service, the Watson Institute has developed a variety of initiatives, each worthy of careful treatment on the web. The challenges over the 14 years we've been working together have revolved around taming and presenting 99 years worth of content, and building innovative online applications, each uniquely positioned yet clearly under the Watson umbrella.

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Watson has been pushing its ability to provide better service over the web to teachers, parents and students. As their online development partner, NuRelm has worked closely with the team on a number of successful initiatives, for example:

  • Increased sales / donations through redeveloped store and forms
  • Development of successful new online business models (for example Watson Life Resources -
  • Improved parent - student - teacher communications via online system


  • WordPress
  • Fully custom theme
  • Custom calendar widget
  • Online payments & E-commerce