Author: Sean Gracy

header-rustbelt-refresh-recap-08 Rustbelt Refresh Recap (Conclusion) – Eric Meyer

Eric Meyer – Compassionate Design With an emotional and compelling presentation regarding the nature of designing a new feature, all while considering how an audience can … Read More »

header-rustbelt-refresh-recap-07 Rustbelt Refresh Recap (Part 7) – Stephanie Hay

Stephanie Hay – Content-First Design Before Stephanie dug deep into the specifics of content-first design, she introduced her discussion with a mention for her love … Read More »

header-rustbelt-refresh-recap-06 Rustbelt Refresh Recap (Part 6) – Katie Kovalcin

Katie Kovalcin – The Path to Performance How do you get your entire team excited by the importance of performance for a new project for … Read More »

rustbelt-refresh-recap-05 Rustbelt Refresh Recap (Part 5) – Ben Callahan

Ben Callahan – Letting Go of Workflow Baggage To kick off this presentation, Ben Callahan made the comparison of “project drag” being similar to the … Read More »

rustbelt-refresh-recap-04 Rustbelt Refresh Recap (Part 4) – Beth Dean

Beth Dean – Emotional Intelligence in Design In regards to a term Beth Dean utilized during her panel, called “emotional intelligence”, she gave a great … Read More »

rustbelt-refresh-recap-03 Rustbelt Refresh Recap (Part 3) – Wren Lanier

“Designing on the Z-Axis” by Wren Lanier With the emphasis of considering herself to be a “Product Designer”, Wren begins her discussion with a quote from … Read More »

rustbelt-refresh-recap-02 Rustbelt Refresh Recap (Part 2) – Derek Featherstone

“Extreme Design” by Derek Featherstone This presentation began with a simple test: imagine yourself with a straw, and the only way you are able to … Read More »

rustbelt-refresh-recap-01-edit Rustbelt Refresh Recap (Part 1) – Introduction

On a cold, dewy, Friday September 25th morning at 5:30 A.M., the NuRelm front-end development squad loaded up on granola bar snacks and a gallon of … Read More »