Author: Greg

Greg will stare at your website's source code, and know all your secrets within seconds. Greg is lead web developer, unicyclist extraordinaire, a man with more bikes than most small towns. Should you hire us to do a website, you will more than likely meet him. He likes (most) things related to internet and loves sharing his knowledge. When not working or researching, he is devoted to long distance cycling, endurance challenges, and recreational beer drinking.

eCommerce Back Office Integration Made Easy!

FlowLink ,  our new eCommerce back office integration tool,  automatically connects online stores to “after sale” services such as QuickBooks, Salesforce, ShipStation, and many others. … Read More »

header-make-wordpress-content-editing-excellent Make WordPress Content Editing Excellent

We’re always on the lookout to make content editing easier for clients. One of the most commonly asked questions while training clients is, “How do … Read More »

blog-header-widget-plugin-code Bend WordPress Plugin Posts to Your Will, Make Your Own “Widget”

It’s tough selecting the right WordPress plugin and perhaps you don’t want to have to modify said plugin to make it do what you really … Read More »

Multiple Column Layouts in WordPress Multiple, Rearrangeable WordPress Content Columns

This is a quick visual/how to on creating multiple column, rearrangeable layouts in WordPress using Advanced Custom Fields. What you need: WordPress (of course). Advanced … Read More »

header-quick-look-forecast Harvest Forecast for Resourcing Web Projects

We recently switched to Harvest and they just released a new tool to sweeten the deal called Forecast. We have been thinking about a good way … Read More »

header-analytics-visuals Make Awesome Visuals Out of Google Analytics Data

Making visuals like this is a quick and easy yet very convincing way to get a client onboard with the direction of their website. Here’s … Read More »

header-usabilitytesting Uability Testing with Usabilityhub

A friend showed me recently; it is a quick way to get some feedback from real users. You can take a random test and … Read More »

header-modernie IE Testing with Mac OS X

Microsoft is trying to give us ways to make things work, even though it’s still painful. When we moved our office from Uniontown to Pittsburgh, we … Read More »

header-10-tips 10 Tips to Use LinkedIn The Right Way

I often hear people complain about LinkedIn and why it isn’t beneficial to use it. Those people are simply not using it the right way. This … Read More »

header-blast-from-past A quick blast from the past

I’m looking up awesome grade school websites for an upcoming kickoff meeting and it had me thinking back to 5th or 6th grade (1998) when … Read More »

Harvest Time Tracking and Asana Harvest and Asana

We love Asana for project management. Like many agencies, we also do time sheets each week. We were previously using SpringAhead for time tracking and it served its … Read More »

Rustbelt Refresh Conference - Picture in The Arcade NuRelm Returns to Rustbelt Refresh

We went to the Rustbelt Refresh web design conference in Cleveland, Ohio for the second year in a row. It is a small but awesome conference … Read More »