NuHost Value Added Hosting (now with Hack Insurance and Full Application Support)

NuRelm’s NuHost and Support package includes comprehensive Web IT services for your website at an affordable price.  Rather than just providing space on a server, we offer all of the services you need to run a fast, secure, up-to-date, stable website, including:

24/7 Application-Level Monitoring

If your website goes down in the middle of the night, a NuRelm staff member is notified by our network monitoring system, and we solve the issue immediately.  We don’t just watch the server, we watch YOUR application. When we set up your site, you tell us what to monitor, and we program specific tests into our network monitoring system.

Easy to Understand Technical Support

Most hosting packages provide email-based support with low-level support techs answering questions. Our experienced Web application developers, who build websites for clients every day, are available by phone, email or in-person (locally) to answer and help with any questions.

Obsessive Security

Hackers are constantly upping their game, so we are too!  Our servers are protected by advanced firewalls that automatically blacklist suspicious visitors, and our staff is constantly monitoring servers for more subtle attacks.  This proactive approach results in NuRelm blocking between 20 and 150 hacker IP addresses a day on any given server, which would otherwise be scanning your website and server for any vulnerability that could be used to hack it.

Open Source Application Support

We specialize in supporting all open source applications (WordPress, Drupal, Concrete5, Joomla, Umbraco, PrestaShop, Spree, Zen Cart, and many others) by making sure the software is running smoothly and by helping clients with any issues they are having using the tools. We version control these systems to keep track of changes, intentional and unintentional, to aid in forensic discovery.

Domain Name and DNS Management

We assist clients with DNS transfers and domain issues. Also, we will renew your domain names or let you know when they are expiring so you never take a chance on losing your domain.

Google Apps Setup

Google Apps provides one of the best email services around for a reasonable fee. We work with clients to setup Google Apps for their email and office document management, then turn over Google Apps management to a designated client representative.

Server Updates and Maintenance

We make sure that all hosting server software is up-to-date and secure, and obsessively protect client sites from the ever-increasing number of hackers.

Safe Backups

We back up your data and files nightly, and move those backups safely off site.

Website Optimization

When launching your website, we will work with your staff to set up the appropriate caching and content distribution network configuration to make your site lightning fast.  For example, on a typical WordPress site, we might help you set up W3 Total Cache combined with CloudFlare for extreme speed and security.  You get to work landing clients, and we’ll make sure they don’t slow your site down!

Ample Storage Space and Bandwidth

Don’t fall victim to the gimmick of “unlimited bandwidth” offered by cheap hosting companies.  Most “unlimited” hosting packages have fine print that reveal that they are indeed not unlimited at all.  They tout the amount of space for storage and bandwidth yet are lacking when it comes to overall support.  At NuRelm, you get plenty of both and are guaranteed never to exceed the limits of your account.

Open Source Software and Language Support

We support all major languages and open-source applications.  Support includes help with transfers, any software issues that arise, updates, and technical support.

Website Consulting and Services

We provide free annual online marketing assessments (more frequent assessments available upon request) to help our clients determine how to best market their websites, research the best practices for usability, and help with research and recommendations for additions and upgrades to your site.

We take care of all the technical details, so that you can take care of your business. This  package includes the following (up to 2 hours of support per month, with additional work billed hourly if approved by the client):

  • NuRelm’s technical support by phone and email
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • Nightly file backups
  • 24/7 monitoring and alert system
  • Shared server and IP address (Dedicated servers available)
  • Assistance with hosting setup and transfers (migration of complex/custom applications may require work beyond the two included monthly support hours)
  • Full domain management assistance
  • Bandwidth: 250 GB/month
  • Disk Space: 10 GB ($10 per month per additional GB). Additional disk space requirements may imply the need for a dedicated server. Talk to NuRelm’s support team for advice.
  • Set up of Google Apps for Business
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) and security included via CloudFlare
  • Caching / performance setup (if applicable for client’s hosting situation)
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Secure key-based SFTP accessibility
  • Streaming video and audio support
  • SSL support and setup are included as part of your 2 hours of support per month. Additional time needed will be billed on an hourly basis.
  • Support for all major languages (PHP, RoR, Java, ASP, etc.)
  • Support for all major content management systems (Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Umbraco, etc.)
  • Support for all major open-source applications (PrestaShop, Moodle, Spree Commerce, OpenCart, FoxyCart, Magento, etc.)
  • $150/month per domain. Additional charges may apply to large and/or high traffic sites.
  • Contact us for dedicated server solutions of various sizes. Dedicated servers are priced on a per site basis. All sites per client will be housed on the same server if space permits.

Interested? Contact us at (877) 268-7356 or

Additional Information on Server Security

NuRelm goes to great lengths to keep our clients’ sites safe from hackers (which are becoming an ever increasing problem). We work to secure our servers in a variety of ways that include, but are not limited to:

  • Implementing a basic hardware firewall to turn off access to unused ports.
  • Configuring an advanced dynamic firewall ( that protects against a very wide range of threats (see the above link for details).
  • Setting up a Web application firewall ( to protect against yet another type of common attack tactic.
  • Locking down unused services and implementing a long list of protective measures on the server itself.
  • Setting up two redundant types of nightly backup (nightly snapshots of the whole server and nightly database backups that are copied to a remote server).
  • Setting up network monitoring.
  • Evaluating one more layer of Web application firewall ( once we go live with a new website. This provides additional protection, and will also speed up the site and distribute certain types of content globally.


  • Issues requiring attention prior to hosting with NuRelm, such as a site that was previously hacked or is broken in some other way, will be evaluated and billed for separately from normal hosting fees (with prior client approval).
  • We protect our clients by isolating risky or high resource usage hosting setups to dedicated servers.  This benefits everyone, allowing us to tailor a server to the specific needs of a tricky hosting situation, while keeping shared servers fast and safe.  Examples include situations where a site’s software is very old (legacy) but unable to be upgraded, or sites that use a great deal of bandwidth or disk space.

Customer Responsibilities:

NuRelm includes up to 30 hours per year (over and above the 2 hours of tech support per month) to remove malicious code as a result of a security breach, compromise, or attack. However, to minimize unexpected data loss, downtime, or costs, the customer is expected to observe the following:

  • SFTP passwords (if using password-based logins) must be of substantial complexity (at least eight characters with numbers and mixed case letters). Do not share passwords except with other trusted employees.
  • SFTP keys are recommended for superior security and must not be shared. If using key access It is required to have one key per account holder or device. NEVER SEND YOUR PRIVATE KEY TO ANYONE, INCLUDING YOURSELF. SEND PUBLIC KEY ONLY. If in doubt ask our support team.
  • Content management passwords must also be of similar complexity and secure as the SFTP passwords
  • Send NuRelm all login credentials/ passwords to be changed or keys to be rotated if a suspected breach was observed. NEVER SEND ANYONE, INCLUDING US, THE PRIVATE KEY.
  • If NuRelm is supporting your application(s), discuss with NuRelm before making any module or core changes.