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header-responsive Responsive is Good. The Future Is In Your Hands. Don’t Drop It!

Imagine a world where small to awkwardly large, immensely powerful handheld, electronic gizmos control their owners by memorizing them with time-consuming games, droning music, cat … Read More »

header-git-flow Our Workflow: git-flow

Introduction When developing software or a website, version control is necessary for developer collaboration and to keep track of changes in code, in case a … Read More »

header-mommypreneur Power to the Mommypreneur!

As Mother’s Day approaches, NuRelm is proud to partner with PrestaShop to support inspired mommys who need help turning their ecommerce idea into a profitable and … Read More »

Welcoming Kevin Welcome Kevin Dadey!

We are excited to welcome to the NuRelm family our long time friend and business associate, veteran Pittsburgh entrepreneur, and project manager extraordinaire, Kevin Dadey. Kevin … Read More »

header-spotlight-isea NuRelm Welcomes ISEA

Since 1933 The International Safety Equipment Association or ISEA, has been dedicated to support and promote the common business interests of its member companies who … Read More »

header-spotlight-arxchange NuRelm Welcomes ARxChange

ARxChange is the nation’s largest centralized marketplace for medical receivable disposition. ARxChange provides a patent-protected integrated electronic marketplace that connects hospitals and health systems to qualified institutional capital entities … Read More »

header-quick-look-forecast Harvest Forecast for Resourcing Web Projects

We recently switched to Harvest and they just released a new tool to sweeten the deal called Forecast. We have been thinking about a good way … Read More »

header-welcome-sean NuRelm Welcomes Sean Gracy!

We would like to welcome Sean Gracy, one of our new Frontend Web Developers, to the NuRelm family.  Sean is an honors graduate of the … Read More »

header-vagrant-meets-rails Vagrant Meets Rails

Getting an environment up and running with Ruby on Rails can be pretty easy on a Mac or Linux machine.  It can be a little … Read More »

header-sunrise Organizing Your Schedule with the Sunrise Calendar App

Recently, I have come across a nifty calendar app called Sunrise Calendar. My first impression was that it works very well with Google Calendars. One of … Read More »

header-spotlight-fd Client Spotlight: Fenner Dunlop

NuRelm is proud to have been chosen by one of the oldest and most respected firms in the conveyor belting industry when they needed to build a … Read More »

header-analytics-visuals Make Awesome Visuals Out of Google Analytics Data

Making visuals like this is a quick and easy yet very convincing way to get a client onboard with the direction of their website. Here’s … Read More »