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header-vagrant-meets-spree Vagrant Meets Spree

Recently I was working with our friends at Dragon Door to get a Spree Commerce test environment running, and together we put together a shortcut that I’d … Read More »

swift_emoji Now your code can wink at you! How to use emojis in Swift

With Apple’s release of the Swift language, you can now use any unicode character in variable, constant, function, and class names while writing your next … Read More »

header-quick-look-d8 Quick Peek at Drupal 8

As a front-end developer working primarily with Drupal, I am excited about the upcoming release of Drupal 8. Although currently only in alpha release, Drupal … Read More »

Harvest Time Tracking and Asana Harvest and Asana

We love Asana for project management. Like many agencies, we also do time sheets each week. We were previously using SpringAhead for time tracking and it served its … Read More »

header-welcome-perkins NuRelm Welcomes Perkins School for the Blind

NuRelm is proud to welcome our newest client,  Perkins School for the Blind, headquartered in Watertown, Massachusetts. Perkins provides education for children and adults throughout … Read More »

header-rails-vs-node What Does “Switching From Rails to Node.js” Really Mean?

Imagine that you are chatting with your neighbor and she announces that, after much deliberation, she and her family have decided to switch from a … Read More »

header-snippet Another Reason I Love Ruby…. Ruby Enumerables!!!

The Enumerable module in Ruby is my go to module whenever I am working with collections of data. The Enumerable module provides a number of … Read More »

typecast Design With Web Fonts Using Typecast

Why Typecast? I’ve been hearing a lot about Typecast recently at conferences and seeing it mentioned on Twitter. Last week, I attended a Typecast webinar … Read More »

Rustbelt Refresh Conference - Picture in The Arcade NuRelm Returns to Rustbelt Refresh

We went to the Rustbelt Refresh web design conference in Cleveland, Ohio for the second year in a row. It is a small but awesome conference … Read More »

header-apis 1,000’s of Hours of Work vs 1 Hour of API

Should I Spend a Zillion Bucks On This or a Few Hundred? Here’s a question for you to consider next time there’s a big programming … Read More »

header-snippet Debugging Ruby on Rails Code Snippet

Whenever I am debugging, I have found the following Ruby methods to be the most helpful and informative in solving an issue. Links to Ruby … Read More »

Pittsburgh_Fowler_1902 Web Developer Conferences for Pittsburgh Web Developers

One of the more fun perks of this field is attending web events. These meetings can be very useful for your career whether you learn … Read More »