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NuRelm. UnTangle the Web. Five Years and Still Rolling

After 5 years at NuRelm, Greg still outclasses us all on the cold, hard lanes of Lawrenceville. Happy 5th and mad props to the best Lead Frontend … Read More »

blog-header-widget-plugin-code Bend WordPress Plugin Posts to Your Will, Make Your Own “Widget”

It’s tough selecting the right WordPress plugin and perhaps you don’t want to have to modify said plugin to make it do what you really … Read More »

Multiple Column Layouts in WordPress Multiple, Rearrangeable WordPress Content Columns

This is a quick visual/how to on creating multiple column, rearrangeable layouts in WordPress using Advanced Custom Fields. What you need: WordPress (of course). Advanced … Read More »

header-qb QuickBooks API Integration 1: The Basics

Have you ever wished that you could make certain things happen in QuickBooks (QB) without having to log in and do them yourself?  For example: … Read More »

header-os-ecom-tools Open Source E-Commerce Tools

NuRelm has been working with businesses to develop and maintain their online presence using various e-commerce platforms. After the recent Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition, … Read More »

header-os-creative-tools Open Source Creative Tools

Background From late 1990s until about 2011, before I did a lot of web development and programming, I worked on projects that usually required the … Read More »

header-irce NuRelm @ Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition

We’ll be in Chicago June 2 – 4, as will our friends from PrestaShop and Avalara. We’ve worked with PrestaShop for years, and have built … Read More »

header-responsive Responsive is Good. The Future Is In Your Hands. Don’t Drop It!

Imagine a world where small to awkwardly large, immensely powerful handheld, electronic gizmos control their owners by memorizing them with time-consuming games, droning music, cat … Read More »

header-git-flow Our Workflow: git-flow

Introduction When developing software or a website, version control is necessary for developer collaboration and to keep track of changes in code, in case a … Read More »

header-mommypreneur Power to the Mommypreneur!

As Mother’s Day approaches, NuRelm is proud to partner with PrestaShop to support inspired mommys who need help turning their ecommerce idea into a profitable and … Read More »

Welcoming Kevin Welcome Kevin Dadey!

We are excited to welcome to the NuRelm family our long time friend and business associate, veteran Pittsburgh entrepreneur, and project manager extraordinaire, Kevin Dadey. Kevin … Read More »

header-spotlight-isea NuRelm Welcomes ISEA

Since 1933 The International Safety Equipment Association or ISEA, has been dedicated to support and promote the common business interests of its member companies who … Read More »