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header-snippet-fonts 3 Drupal QuickTip: Changing your Password without Admin Access

I recently ran into a problem while trying to login to a client’s Drupal 7 website: the password I had was incorrect, and the email … Read More »

drupalcamp_header Drupal Camp PA

I will be giving my first ever talk at Drupal Camp PA on August 2! My talk is going to be about Organic Groups for … Read More »

header-5ways 5 Ways to Connect Your Online Store to the Rest of the Business

We help clients with a lot of e-commerce initiatives, yet we rarely build a simple online store that *just* sells products online with no twists. … Read More »

header-10-tips 10 Tips to Use LinkedIn The Right Way

I often hear people complain about LinkedIn and why it isn’t beneficial to use it. Those people are simply not using it the right way. This … Read More »

header-welcome-dd NuRelm Welcomes Dragon Door

We are proud to welcome our newest client, Dragon Door, a premier source of kettle bells, strength conditioning, flexibility and advanced fitness resources. NuRelm has … Read More »

header-vagrant-meets-prestashop Vagrant Meets Prestashop

Not too long ago, I shared a Vagrant that makes it easy to fire up a test environment for Spree commerce. We do a lot … Read More »

header-snippet-fonts Using CSS Font Subsets to Reduce Page Load

I stumbled across a really great read on how to cut back on page load by using font subsets. This post documents the huge difference … Read More »

header-snippet Debugging Ruby in Eclipse Code Snippet

I’ve been looking for an IDE that does a decent job handling Ruby, lets you edit in a VIM-like way (yes, I know, sick), and … Read More »

header-snippet 2 SourceTree! The GUI I Always Wanted for Git!

On a daily basis, I am using Git for version control on various projects that I am working on. While I am mainly a command line Git … Read More »

header-blast-from-past A quick blast from the past

I’m looking up awesome grade school websites for an upcoming kickoff meeting and it had me thinking back to 5th or 6th grade (1998) when … Read More »

header-spotlight-fischione Client Spotlight: Fischione Instruments

We want to give a shout out to an awesome client.  I was about to write “new client” but realized that we’ve been working together … Read More »

drupal-tip Override a Drupal Module Template File When Best Practices Fail

When overriding a Drupal core or contributed module template file, you usually copy the template file and put it in your theme directory . It’s … Read More »