Self-Indulgent Code: Open Source Game Programming (OSGCC6)


This weekend, Nov 17-18 for 24 hours Savannah Butler and myself had a leisurely sit outside the Law Departement of Pitt University and built a game from scratch as part of OSGCC 6. We cleverly titled it “digger” and came in 5th place at the competition. Our prize was this: (well 12 of them)

 Nerf gun osgcc6 prize

They are a booby prize but what a booby prize! I now have the opportunity to shoot the winners.

Digger was totally written from scratch using GameJS, which is a “port” of PyGame. As a team of three we kept going back and forth on PyGame and my reaction to the idea was that PyGame is basically deprecated. It uses an old version of Python and hasn’t been updated since 2009. HTML5 on the other hand is brand new and shinny. GameJS is brand new and in need of a good wringing out. We powered on and learned GameJS which, pleasantly, was super simple. I have a great respect for software that leads with examples instead of documentation. Not to say there wasn’t any documentation but the examples were much more educational.

Tragedy struck 12 hours later when one of our team members got cold feet in regards to the project and quit. Leaving me as the only experienced programmer and Savannah trying to make up for a lack of graphic assets. The result was an incomplete game, which is unfortunate to say the least. I think it may have been the only unique game at the event. Everything else was a platform or a retro clone. But that said we claimed a broad brush and didn’t finish the painting in the end.

I am not going to pretend I know anything about 2d programming but after 24 hours I am ready to make my next project a winner.We plan to compete next year at OSGCC7 but we are going to start sourcing our team now and training. I want to go from 5 to 1 in a years time and I want to stay there for a while.

Come Join us in 2013

Anyways go player with it HERE (I will be updating it soon so it should start to look like a game and have some functionality that is playable after thanksgiving)

Or Grab the Source HERE